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20 Page PDF + Bonus Email Templates
Have you ever been stressed trying to capture a wedding?
We've put together a timeline guide, developed from our 12+ years of experience capturing weddings. It'll walk you through communicating with bride, give you 10 sample timelines that show you how we structure the day with our brides, and we're even throwing in timeline email templates, too!
"What is so great about this resource is that it can put a photographer's worrying mind at ease. You have addressed all the possible scenarios in such a way that is reassuring and confidence building to us!"

- Maggie Colletta, North Carolina
20 Page PDF + Video Trainings 
Ever wondered why you aren't getting the style of weddings you want to be capturing?
We've been there! After a lot of tweaking our brand and learning some simple game-changing techniques, we now feel like our brides are the perfect fit for us! We want to walk you through how to find and book your ideal client through this mini course. 
"These resources from Almond Leaf Studios are so concise and have really helped me to communicate better with my brides so I can provide them with the best images on their special day."

- Jamie Brant Photography, Colorado
Virtual Mentor Sessions
Looking for a personalized experience?
Our ONE-ON-ONE sessions might be perfect for you!

Whether you need guidance with styling, marketing, editing, shooting, workflow, shooting film, branding, the client experience, or more, this time is customized to focus on exactly what you need.

We only accept 8 mentor sessions a year, so you get intentional, focused time with Elizabeth, who captured her first wedding in 2005 and started Almond Leaf Studios in 2008! 
"We are SO grateful for all of the time you spent with us the other night for our Mentor Session! It was such a gift to have someone (outside the two of us) critique our work and ask us challenging questions! "

- Bethany and Aaron - The Mallorys, Virginia
PDFs, Online Portal, and Video Trainings 
Purifying the Muddy Waters
I can remember diving in deep right off the bat. As soon as I  hit the water, I felt like it was sink or swim. So I swam ... hard and fast ... until I could get my head above water to catch a breath. It took me much longer than I anticipated with more sleepless nights and years of mistakes than I really care to admit. 

With a degree in photography, I found myself drowning in this business world that I knew so little about. My message was unclear, my brand undefined, and I said yes to anyone that wanted to book me so that I could pay my bills. Unfortunately, passion and talent aren't always enough to pay the bills. 

The Almond Leaf is a plant that, when placed in a tank of water, can balance PH levels, clarify the water, and build immunity of any fish living in it. It's why we named our business Almond Leaf Studios, and it's why we're passionate about helping others discover a clear vision of their own.

Being a creative AND a successful, financially stable business owner is no small feat. The Almond Leaf Project is here to help you fill in the gaps so you can take your passion and grow a business that is sustainable, financially stable, and has a clearly defined mission.

Sign up now to get on the list for the launch. We can't wait to walk alongside you as you grow your business!