Imagine doing your best work 
and growing your income 
... while protecting your calendar. 
For photographers, it can feel like work & life are at odds 
in your business—but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Let me guess: 
Behind the camera, you’re confident & excited by your work …
But when you sit down at your computer to actually run your business …  

Doubt creeps in making you wonder if you’re actually capable of growing & sustaining your business. 
^^Oy. Been there. 
You’re stuck wondering if it's possible to create a profitable, money-making business that doesn't require you 
to work ALL the time (hello, family)—but if you raise your rates, will anyone ever book you? 

After all, if you accept less work to open up just a little space in your calendar, will your income ever be enough?
Right now you're undercharging, overworking and by saying "yes" to everything, you're going to run yourself 
into the ground (and miss the moments with your kiddos you can't get back.)

All that "hard work" is sabotaging your passion for what you do and allowing fear/doubt/worry to creep in about what's next ... every month.
You know those people who no matter what they do, always seem to succeed?

They dream up a new business idea or find a new passion and people just to flock to them—even hand over their hard earned cash because they believe in them?

I do. I know lots of them. Honestly, they used to frustrate me. 

What makes them so special? Why are they booking the clients I know are ideal for me?!

I'll tell you why ... 

They have more than just a dream and a passion.

They have a system that consistently converts their ideal prospects into signed-sealed-delivered paying clients so they can have the freedom to truly set their schedule, know their income, and enjoy the life that this sustainable and profitable business creates!

Here's the deal, friend:

If you don’t have a system that keeps your business calendar full (ahem, as full as you’d like it) and paying clients in the queue … all you really have is a camera and incredible talent (and, let’s be honest, more stress than anyone has time for) … and as much as I’d like to say otherwise, that doesn't pay the bills.

Trust me, I  know.

What you need is a plan for how to attract your ideal client & how to book them—
a system to know you'll hit your revenue goals but also not burn out trying to grow. 

(I won't stand by and watch your passion burning out because of poor planning!)
It sounds simple—and it is—but odds are, what really works goes against every instinct you have in this business. And that’s hard to navigate.

You need the system that ... 

✔️ ZONES IN AND LASER FOCUSES TO ATTRACT ONLY THE CLIENTS THAT ARE EXACTLY RIGHT FOR YOU—the rest of the crowd? Let them find someone else. (And, don’t worry about anyone “walking away from you.”) 

✔️ APPROPRIATELY PRICES YOUR WORK BASED ON YOUR EXPERIENCE, MARKET, AND SKILL LEVEL—knowing “the numbers” for your business (and your family’s needs) will change the way you think about raising your prices & discounting your work.  

✔️ ACTUALLY CONVERTS YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS INTO PAYING CUSTOMERS because it builds relationship & trust—and hits your bottom line.


✔️ FINALLY GIVES YOU THE FREEDOM THAT COMES WITH KNOWING YOU'RE GOING TO REACH YOUR BOOKING GOALS—so you can protect your calendar to actually enjoy your time with friends and family.

“I’m doing the best* I can!” 

(*I know you are—and I know you’re really trying.) 

I’ve been right where you are—in fact maybe worse.
Three years ago I almost closed my business because my “best” wasn’t getting me anywhere near the business I needed or the life I wanted. 

Before I became a mom ... 
I was able to hold it all together myself—but without systems in place to support my goals, my business started to decline as soon as I shifted my focus. 

The moment my time and energy started going toward my newborn daughter, my business started to unravel. 

Suddenly the business I’d built to thrive with no real marketing plan was more like crickets and gaping holes in my work schedule—as much as I wanted time at home, I also needed to work. 

As inquiries slowed, I worked harder and harder to be more intentional with every single potential client. I tried to blog more, be more consistent on Instagram, and even did a total overhaul of our branding, but nothing seemed to make a difference. 
What’s even worse? The clients I was booking felt disconnected and like something was off

I was working crazy long hours (though mostly not behind my camera), missing time with my one-year-old daughter, and still couldn’t consistently pay the bills. 
It was one of the hardest seasons of my life.
 If that’s where YOU are … 


there's a better way.

There’s a way to confidently run your 
photography business so that—

The work you do (and the people you get to photograph) lights you up inside. It makes you excited to “go to work” and even helps you return home refreshed, energized, and encouraged, so that you can show up as your best self in the other, non-professional areas of your life. 

• Worrying about paying your bills (& yourself!) is a thing of the past. Now, you get to find ways to reinvest in your business and your own growth in a way that helps you grow and sustain your business so that it becomes life-GIVING instead of life-draining.

When you sit down to work each day you know exactly what to work on to make progress in your business, so you can balance life & work without burning the candle at both ends. 

Too many talented photographers are 
paying themselves less than minimum wage 
for highly skilled, meaningful work.

*Pauses while you do the math.*
Maybe you’re one of them? 
When you add up the number of hours you spend planning, shooting, & editing … 
then pay the hard costs in your business … then pay yourself … What's your hourly rate? 

HINT: I can almost promise you, it’s not what your time is worth. 

Let me teach you how to fix it.
The signature program for wedding photographers to help grow your income 
while cultivating rhythm & balance in your life.

It’s time to do your best work while living 
your most fulfilled life. 
This process is the exact method I used to take my business from almost shutting down to a six-figure income on less than 10 weddings in one year.  
(And a vacation in St. John … what!?) 

The Art of Booking is 5 modules including 10 hours of video training, group coaching calls, booking templates including emails, customizable brochures, & workflows, and expert insights from 6 different educators I trust for guidance in my own business. 

You'll walk away with: 

+    A deeper understanding of the psychology behind a purchase—and the tools to shift your own mindset going into the sales process.

+    Your #1 defense against the temptation to discount your services: my guide to pricing for profitability gives you step-by-step formula to know your numbers and charge for your services confidently and appropriately.

+    My formula for setting up the sales funnel that will help you develop a steady stream of ideal clients, even if the words “sales” and “marketing” make you cringe (Just like I did at first!)

+    The fool-proof method to avoid the overwhelm when it comes to social media, blogging, SEO and more—and how to get more strategic by doing just one thing well to boost your bookings. (No, you don’t have to be on EVERY platform.) 

+    The approach to business that changed my life—I’ll give you my workflow guides for Pinterest, Instagram, and phone calls to save your precious time & get you away from your desk so you can focus on the parts of your business (and your life!) that matter most.

+    Ideas & systems to over-deliver with your clients after you book—we’re talking everything from systems & workflows that keep you on track to special extras like client gifts and smart marketing at industry events.

"The Art of Booking was an answered prayer when I needed clear steps & direction.

I know there are a million courses and workshops out there, but Elizabeth really cuts through all of the fluff and gives real & tangible advice to improve your business." 


Get instant access to this no-fluff curriculum:

Module 1
Understanding The Art of Sales 
Take stock of where you’re at right now—check your emotions, fears, scarcity mindset, and leave it all the door as we map out the way forward in your business. 

• It’s not just your buyer’s thoughts that come into play when you’re selling—it’s your mentality, too. Learn how to shift your thoughts so that you can confidently position yourself and close the sale.

• Unpack why people buy and what motivates their choices so you can tap into the psychology of sales when you’re facing (even virtually) your dream client. 
Module 2
Know Your Numbers
Implement my signature Profit Planning System to remove the emotion and guesswork from decision-making and pricing in your business.

“Why do you charge your current prices?” Sounds like a funny question, but odds are you might not have a clear answer. I’ll show you how to break down your pricing to understand the right price to charge for any event, so you know you’re covering your bills, turning a profit, and know that it’s worth your time away from your family & friends.

• Finally pay yourself what you’re worth—I’ll show you how to map out your booking & pricing structure based on what you want your annual earnings to be.

• Implement this proactive approach to keep from burning out by first setting healthy expectations for your time and income for the year.

Module 3
The Lead Attracting System
Follow our exact system to smooth out the sales process —from the time an inquiry comes in until they’ve booked and there’s money landing in your account.

• Learn how I transformed my booking percentages from 5% all the way up to 40%—and raised my prices each year, too. 

• Give your business structure with a sales funnel that seamlessly transitions curious leads to paying clients. 

• We’ll talk about the right way to close the deal even if you hate marketing and sales pitches (there’s really no need to be salesy!)
Module 4
Social Media, Blogging, & SEO
My Leads on Tap process unveils all the ways you can attract your ideal clients and turn them into viable leads through smart, proactive, and strategic action steps. 

• Spoiler alert: you don’t have to do it all! Figure out which strategies & platforms are best for you and set you up for success with focused intention and minimal effort. 

• Learn the in’s and out’s of the four major ways to attract leads and how to make your time, focus, and energy go the distance—without spending all your time (or even the bulk of your time) on marketing.

• BONUS: We're even bringing in industry experts to talk about their areas of expertise!

Module 5
Automating & Systematizing
Design a sustainable, repeatable system (and actually have time to live your life!) with our help and time-tested workflows.

• Not everything has to be on your plate, so I’m giving you my guide for what to outsource and when—I'll show you exactly which tasks I hand off, which ones I automate, and even how I do it. 

• Social media might feel like place you have to spend your energy, but I’ll show you how they can spare it with two time-saving automations—I’ll give you a run-through of how to knock out a month’s worth of Pinterest & Instagram in just two hours per month.

You caught me … this course isn’t just about booking—let’s chat how to keep things moving, grooving, and finishing each project with such a “wow” that your clients can’t help but refer you to more ideal clients like them ...

• I'll walk you through some of the ways you can care for your clients once they do book you—with customization, and the ability to over-deliver on all that you've promised … and hello, automated workflows to make your life (and processes) easier. 

• Explore my client workflow that helps me stay a step ahead of my clients at every turn—this is how I make sure nothing gets missed, and I’m answering questions my clients didn’t even know they had!

• Plus … I’ll give you my guide to client gifting & smart marketing at events make sure your rave reviews make it easy to book your next client. 

A whole new way of booking clients. 

Maybe you’re wondering … 

Is this course for me?
If you own a photography business or want to start one, but have ever struggled with finding ideal clients or booking as much as you’d like, this is for you. If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed and working too much, struggling to keep up, but not making enough, this course is for you. 

Can I go at my own pace?
Whether you’re super busy right now or what to dive in and implement it all tomorrow, this course is self-paced so you can learn at your convenience. You can wait until slow season, or work through the content in time for booking season. It’s totally your call.

How quickly will I see results?
The sooner you make changes, the sooner you’ll see their effect—take Tanya for example, she booked three weddings within 10 days of starting the course and applying what she learned! You can implement the entire system in just a few days and see new bookings within a week or two.

“This course is the real stuff! 
Within hours, I was digging deep into the foundations of my business and
 seeing the big cracks and holes I needed to fix and fill!”


A S    F E A T U R E D    I N :

Imagine ... 
Consistently booking out with your dream clients and having peace of mind with your schedule and income!
How different would your life be if you could literally turn on/off a flow of qualified leads each week? (We call this Leads on Tap.) 

What if you could create a clear path to profit and have specific steps to reach your income goals? (We call this money mapping.) 

Imagine being able to have the time to go on a vacation, spend time with your kids, or close your laptop, knowing that you had a system in place that was working for you.

How much more would you love your job if you were able to turn down clients that didn't feel like a good fit because you knew you would book out without them?

Wondering if it's worth the investment?

Imagine if—because of what you learn in this course— 
you book just two weddings at $900 more than what you’re charging now … 

Not only will you have confidently (and successfully) pitched your services at a higher rate—
one that reflects your talent and value—but you’ll have made back your investment. 

Plus, I’ll give you the tools to get there!


Inside The Art of Booking, you’ll learn how to:

• Attract clients you LOVE and do the work that fills your soul.

• Finally take control of your calendar & your income. 

• Charge prices that reflect your talent, experience, and reputation. 

• Build systems in your business that allow you freedom from your desk. 

• Stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out social media, blogging & SEO and get the guide on where you should really spend your time from the experts that removes the guesswork. 

Feel empowered in your business—gain the confidence you need to sell yourself confidently, knowing you’re worth every penny you charge.

• Step away from your desk knowing that your business is running even when you’re not staring at your computer—and get back to the people & parts of life you love most. 

You get immediate access to everything, including the very next steps to increase your revenue, build white space in your calendar so you can spend more time with the people you love most, and feel relief in how you run your business.

Questions? Contact us:

Don't just take my word for it ...

Meet Megan.


“I’ve analyzed my numbers before, but I’ve always found the process overwhelming. 

Elizabeth’s guide was incredibly helpful + simple for focusing on the numbers that matter most.

I especially found her time tracking enlightening. I never looked at how I was spending my time with marketing, and this was incredibly helpful for finding the measures that were making the most impact.”

Meet Tanya.


“Thankful to have found the course and now I know what I should be charging to make a profit for my family. 

Since starting the course I have a much better plan laid out for booking clients, and have booked 3 weddings within two weeks applying the strategies taught.”

Meet Alicia.


“Before going through the process, I never knew that you could calculate and understand how much you are making per hour and how that correlates with the packages you offer. 

It turns out, there’s an actual, numerical way of figuring out if you are pricing yourself correctly. It was really eye opening for me.”

Because I know this program works, 
I'm proud to offer a 14-day, money-back guarantee.

If within two weeks, you give it a whirl, and realize it’s not for you, just show me you’ve made it through Module 3 in the curriculum and fill out a quick survey to let me know how I can improve the program, and I’m more than happy to buy it back from you! 

And just who am I?

I’m Elizabeth, owner & lead photographer at Almond Leaf Studios in Asheville, NC. I’m a mom, a wife, a curly-haired, artist-turned-enthusiastic-strategist and I teach photographers how to lead profitable, heart-centered businesses that not only pay the bills, but fill your soul, too!

When I’m not behind the lens or on the other side of the screen, you can find me enjoying my backyard—which I’ve lovingly transformed into a secret-garden style oasis to restore the calm to my Enneagram-9 creative mind when it’s filled with too many ideas. 

My passion is making businesses profitable, sustainable, and automated so that we can do our work & live our lives, too, while never losing the joy of why we became photographers in the first place. 

How to know if The Art of Booking is the right program for you:

+   You love your business … but you're feeling burnt-out because you're working all.the.time trying to make sure there’s actually money coming in for the work you’re doing. You need someone who’s walked this road before to show you the way, because you're ready to be done with pennies for paychecks, and take time away from your desk with smart systems that run on autopilot & keep your business going so you have more time freedom & flexibility for the life you want.

+   You just *know* there’s a better way to reach your dream clients and BOOK them … between social media, blogging, trying to figure out Facebook ads, and oh the dreaded giveaways, it’s hard to remember that, at your core, you’re a photographer and not a business person. You need more people to view your offers regularly, connect with your work, and turn from browsers to bookings—and not just any clients, your ideal clients.

+   You don’t mind a little hand-holding when it comes to learning the business side of things, because quite honestly being 100% artist has never been your M.O. and the status quo isn’t getting the bills paid—plus plenty of other photographers are out there booking clients and making (what seems like TONS of) money while traveling the world, raising kids, actually sleeping … and maybe JUST MAYBE doing the laundry in a timely fashion … How do THEY do it!?

+   You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure this business side of your passion out once and for all, with an organized AND sustainable approach to avoid burnout, because let's be real: there really isn’t a Plan B. You’re in it for the long haul, but you need this thing to WORK!

Here’s what others have asked before 
enrolling in The Art of Booking!

What if there aren’t enough of my “ideal client” to fill my calendar & keep money coming in?
I get it—narrowing the scope of your potential clients can be scary, but the saying goes: “the riches are in the niches.” The more you focus & specialize, the more irresistible your work becomes to the people you want to serve—which keeps inquiries from ideal clients on tap. Plus, investing a little bit of time on the front end to attract your perfect fit saves lots of time processing inquiries from anyone who isn’t an ideal client. 

Yikes, I just don’t think I can spend $1997 right now! 
Oh boy do I understand—that’s why we offer a 11-month payment plan that gets your monthly payments down to $199 a month. Isn’t it worth it to increase your income, increase your bookings, all while systematizing your business to get your calendar and schedule under control so you have time to do the things and invest in the people you love? How easy would it be to increase your prices even by $199 to cover this cost, so you can discover even MORE freedom in earning and booking clients with less worry? 

I don’t think I have time for this??
The entire curriculum is about 10 hours of training—and the work you’ll do in your business is intended to free up your time and get you away from your desk & computer all.the.dang.time … I’d imagine if you’ve read this far, the more likely situation is that you, your family, & your business don’t have time for you to NOT do this. I’ve been where you are, I know it’s overwhelming, but I also know this program works—don’t let the idea of being “too busy” get in the way. By the time you get to Module 2, which only takes an hour, you'll see a significant change in how you price your services! You'll be well on your way to freeing up hundreds of hours each year as you implement the system in Module 3. Plus, you have lifetime access to the material—so if you ever need to, just pause!

Do you offer refunds?
Yes. You can read the full terms & conditions here, but long story short: in 14 days, show me your work & tell me what was missing and I’ll give your money back. Simple as that.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?
I’m happy to answer them—shoot me an email at or slide into my DM’s on Instagram. I can’t wait to chat! 

It’s time to make a change in your business & learn The Art of Booking

• Finally take control of your calendar & your income.

• Attract clients you LOVE and do the work that fills your soul. 

• Charge prices that reflect your talent, experience, and reputation

• Build systems in your business that allow you freedom from your desk. 

• Stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out social media, blogging & SEO and get the guide on where you should really spend your time from the experts that removes the guesswork. 

Take command of your business—gain the confidence you need to sell yourself confidently, 
knowing you’re worth every penny you charge.

• Step away from your desk knowing that your business is running even when you’re not staring at your computer—and get back to the people & parts of life you love most. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this.

Questions? Contact us:
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